FIMRO - new product cleaning machine SPM123

At Euroguss 2020 we presented our latest development in the field of cleaning systems for mold temperature control ducts. Based on the experience of over 100 cleaning systems sold worldwide, the new product range SPM123 has been expanded accordingly.


Equipped with a PLC, you can now create your own cleaning programs for molds and thus automatically clean up to 6 circles. The cleaning results achieved per circuit are shown by the integrated flow meter, and each temperature control circuit is also checked for leaks using a booster pump. These values ​​can be saved for each form and thus documented. Designed as a mobile system, the SPM123 is easy to move by the user and there is no need to transport the mold to the cleaning system, which is often time-consuming. Due to the integrated drip pan, work and environmental protection is also taken into account. In order to make maintenance of the system itself as easy as possible for the user, the contamination monitoring of the filter and maintenance indicators are of course integrated. Due to the integrated concentration measurement of the cleaning chemicals, the necessary bath change is automatically displayed. This means that there is always sufficient cleaning action available and as little cleaning chemistry as possible is used and costs are saved.



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