What we can
do for you!

In 1999, we started building a specialized workshop to offer our customers the benefits of a total package of technical advice, sales and service.

With about 25 service technicians, we can provide our services both in the specialist workshop and on site. With our own vans and trucks, we are very flexible and can respond quickly to customer requirements.

Our services
at a glance

Fondarex - vacuum systems

  • Service on vacuum systems and vacuum valves
  • General repairs of vacuum systems
  • Modernization of vacuum systems
  • Creation of vacuum applications
  • Delivery of all spare parts of Fondarex from our warehouse
  • Provision of rental vacuum systems
  • Performing a vacuum test
  • own training on vacuum technology

Regloplas temperature control units / temperature control units in general

  • Service on temperature control units of all manufacturers
  • General repairs of temperature control units
  • Fast reaction times through own large spare parts warehouse
  • Provision of loan devices
  • Conducting test
  • own training on tempering technology

Wollin - sprayers

  • Service for Wollin sprayers and scoop generators
  • General repairs for Wollin sprayers and metal dosing
  • Carrying out trial run

Boss Lubricants

  • technical support for the conversion of hydrous HFC to anhydrous HFDU hydraulic fluid
  • Sampling during the conversion of the foundry
  • Conducting trial runs

Copromec, Morgan, MMP

  • Service for all systems
  • Repairs for all systems
  • Modernization for all plants
  • Conducting trial run

Pressure vessel decrease

  • Carrying out the pressure vessel approval in cooperation with the T√úV
  • Possibility of implementation including dismantling and reconstruction

FIMRO - rinsing and cleaning systems

  • Service for all FIMRO systems
  • Repairs for FIMRO systems
  • Modernization for FIMRO machines