Past symposia


1. FIMRO Symposium 1997

"New castings - new requirements - only new ideas bring success"

From 04.-07.11.1997 in Bad Nauheim, FIMRO started with symposiums focused on die casting. The focus of the first event was the increasingly demanding castings and the conditions to be able to realize them not only as a single island solution, but also in series production as a complex overall solution.

Focused on this topic, the participants were informed about the latest innovations in the field of mold design, mold temperature control, vacuum, release coating and process monitoring.

This first event was already very well attended with about 60 participants and due to the consistently positive response also the starting signal of the following FIMRO symposia.

3. FIMRO Symposium 2008

"The temperature budget of the die casting mold"

At the new location in Langenstein and the Harzer culture and congress hotel in Wernigerode from 10th to 11th April 2008 casters from home and abroad were informed about the latest developments concerning the heat balance of the die casting mold. For this topic, moldmakers reported on the possibilities of simulation in the design of temperature control systems, experience with conformal cooling by means of lasercusing and possibilities of the mold designer. Furthermore, it was shown which influence temperature control devices, mask spraying tools and release agents have on the heat balance of the die casting mold and how this can be influenced. However, since boundary conditions must be met when using the new technologies, the corresponding water treatment for the process and cleaning of spray tools and tempering channels was also discussed. For the first time Toyota has been able to report on its own experience in the temperature control of die casting molds.

6. FIMRO Symposium 2015

"Production equipment for die casting in the spotlight"

On November 24-25, 2015, the die casting and its processes were once again the focus of the FIMRO symposium. At the Harzer Kultur- und Kongresshotel in Wernigerode, the approximately 100 participants were informed by automobile manufacturers, universities and producers of die casting machines and peripherals about the latest developments in die casting. In addition to the requirements from the perspective of the car manufacturer, new concepts in the design and construction of die casting molds were the focus. In order to be able to implement these concepts and requirements, peripheral and die casting machine manufacturers have shown the possibilities of the latest developments.

8. FIMRO Symposium 2021

“The die casting industry is changing. New technologies and service concepts. What "brought" the 25 + 1 years since our company was founded? "

After the 8th FIMRO Symposium in 2020 had to be canceled due to corona, the time had finally come. From November 2nd to 3rd, 2021, experts from Germany and neighboring countries visited us again to get information and exchange ideas in an exciting series of lectures from research, mechanical engineering and application experiences. This year's event focused on the development of the die casting industry since the company was founded 25 years ago and future challenges and trends.
At the end of the first day, the previous owner and managing director Mr. Bernd Mlocken ceremoniously bid farewell to the guests and representatives of affiliated companies for his well-deserved retirement. FIMRO will be continued in the second generation by Mr. Matthias Mrafen, who is already working as a managing director in the company.

2. FIMRO Symposium 2005

"Faster, cheaper and better - you have questions, we have the answers"

In the period from April 12 to 13, 2005, the 2nd Symposium in Bad Kissingen was organized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of FIMRO. This time, the main focus was on cost optimization. Thus, the differences and advantages in the field of temperature control with oil or pressurized water temperature control units, spray molding spraying or spraying robots, revisions of die casting machines, form purchase abroad, exhaust air purification as an option of cost savings, deburring of components and possibilities of vacuum application were shown.

4. FIMRO Symposium 2010

„Casting 2010 - Efficient in the future“

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute IFAM, the 4th FIMRO symposium was held at the IFAM location in Bremen on 17-18 March 2010. The focus this time was on the potential for direct cost reduction and quality improvement in increasing the energy efficiency of the die casting process and the further development of subprocesses such as spray, temperature and vacuum technology as well as other innovative developments.

5. FIMRO Symposium 2013

„Heat flow in the die casting process Temperature-movement processes“

From 23.-24.10.2013 the 5th FIMRO-Symposium took place at our own location in Langenstein and in the Harzer Kultur- und Kongresshotel in Wernigerode. The symposium was divided into three subject areas. The first group of topics dealt with shape concepts, the simulation of the die casting process and laser-melt-melted tool inserts. In the second subject area, the influence of peripheral technologies on the heat flow was conveyed with the help of temperature control units, spray systems, injection unit systems, vacuum systems and hot chamber nozzles. The third subject area dealt with the ways leading to optimized die casting processes and die casting products, and with modern maintenance concepts for peripheral technologies.

7. FIMRO Symposium 2017

„They still exist - the new ideas for optimizing production and service in die casting“

In a two-day lecture program on 14.-15.11.2017 in the Harzer culture and congress hotel in Wernigerode experts from the industry and abroad on the topics Industry 4.0, vacuum brazing, new ideas for cooling design of molds, new temperature control, modern water treatment for pressurized water temperature control and informs about new ideas on the technologies vacuum, automation and injection units systems.

For the first time the companies Bühler AG u. Boss Lubricants on experiences with anhydrous hydraulic fluid after one year of series production. Furthermore, FIMRO and the TU Magdeburg presented a novel system for controlling the spray pattern of spraying tools. At the 7th symposium about 120 die casting experts from Germany and abroad were welcomed again.